Monopoly Empire Game Review

Monopoly Empire Game ReviewThe game of Monopoly as we know it has changed. Hasbro has come up with a brand new version called the Monopoly Empire, which is the classic game with a twist. In a world with less time and patience than we had in the past, it’s possible that your Monopoly board is gathering dust in some corner of a shelf. But Hasbro is changing that with the new version, which is not just updated but re-designed. You now have quicker game-play and more cut-throat strategy.


So what are the new features? And how does it measure up to the original game we all love? Let’s take a look.


Features of Monopoly Empire


Like the classic game, Monopoly Empire is still about buying, selling and making more money than your opponents. But this time, you get to buy brands rather than real estate. This is sure to appeal to the Twitter generation.


The new Monopoly is all about brands, so if you love your McDonalds’, Xbox, Samsungs and even the lesser-known Spotify, you could have tons of fun playing this game without spending hours fighting it out with your family.


The game-play: Each player now owns a tower. Each time you land on a brand, you can buy it and add the billboard for that brand to your tower. Subsequently, every time you pass go, you get the value for your entire tower added to your wealth. You can also collect rent from your opponents based on the height of your tower. Also, if you buy an office you can take the ladder up to the top much quicker. Therefore, the more brands you buy, the richer you get. So the game is still about buying the most number of corporations in the least possible time. The player to fill his or her tower quickest, wins.


The Benefits


Remember the time when as a child you wanted to play Monopoly but every time you asked one of your parents to play against you, they’d scuttle away? Well, that’s because Monopoly always took too long. But Monopoly Empire tries to change that. You no longer have to wade through hours of game-play – you can get a game done in less than an hour. This is because the new game no longer has a jail in which you have to fester for hours before you can join the game again (and remember how you can’t collect rent while in jail?)


Since winning is no longer about lasting out longer on the playing field than your opponents, what is it that can help you clinch the game? It’s strategy. Monopoly Empire allows you to strategize in a way that was not possible earlier. You can beat down your opponent with some well-placed auctions and double-crossing swaps. There are ample chances to be sneaky here, so your opponents (and you) will always have to be on their toes. And it’s okay to play dirty – the jail-less dystopia that is the world of Monopoly Empire encourages you to do so!


The cons: The most troublesome aspect of the game is the new setup and the new rules. You may need around half an hour to unlearn all that you knew about the classic Monopoly and then adjust to the new rules. There is a significant learning curve involved that may put off some people. But I believe the payoff in spending this time is worth it, because the game-play is so much more sophisticated and loads more fun.


The Verdict


It’s clear that Monopoly Empire is far more fast-paced than the classic game and much more fun as a result. If you’re willing to spend a little going through the learning curve, you can enjoy many rewarding games with the kids or adults alike.


Not everyone will agree – especially not the avid fans of the game who don’t want to lose a cornerstone of childhood. They can still but the classic version of the game at stores, according to Hasbro. But it’s a fact that kids these days don’t have as much time (or patience) on their hands left over from their soccer practice and Xbox sessions. So they’re likely to have much more fun fitting in a half hour of Monopoly Empire into their busy schedules. I totally agree.


And who knows, you may actually enjoy it more than the old version if you try it! If you’re willing to try, you can get Monopoly Empire with great deals and discounts at It can make a great Christmas gift, but be sure to order early to avoid disappointment.



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